CohoCompanion Meal

Our Saturday, March 14th meal was a cohousing takeoff on Garrison Keillor's Prairie Home Companion. Our dining room became The Chatterbox Cafe, with everything from songs, jokes, notes to listeners, and sponsors to a sumptuous coho-cambridge-inspired feast that included:

  • Organic celery stuffed with chevre made from the curds of milk happily given by our Glade free-range goats, topped with arugula, hydroponically grown in our own Coho basement streams
  • Organic peppers, roasted with Coho rosemary
  • Hummus, made from hand-ground organic garbanzo beans served with flax seed crackers
  • Pasta and cheese made with hand-rolled pasta dressed in a veloute sauce made from organic milk and cheeses imported from our sister Coho community-sustained farm at Cobb Hill, VT
  • Ramekin of tofu, a mixture of organic tofu, organic grains, nuts and free-range eggs topped with Sandra Boston ketchup
  • Haricots vert almandine, organic frenched beans with a lemon butter dressing and slivered almonds
  • Powdermilk biscuits straight from the ovens of Coho
  • Cranberry Gratinee made from the hand-squeezed juice of Spring Rain Farm cranberries in our own Coho kitchen, topped with dollops of hand-whipped cream from happy cows
  • Pizzelle made with the finest flours and flavorings in our on-site bakery
  • Chocolate Bites, melt-in-your-mouth bits of organic chocolate
  • Equal Exchange coffee, fair-traded and organic