Committee Structure

The committees at Cambridge Cohousing are the primary source for getting the work of the community done. Committees give members an opportunity to contribute by using their talents and gifts, as well as an opportunity to get to know other members of the community better and carry on the business and processes of the entire community. We encourage everyone to participate in at least one committee.

New members to CCH are welcome to attend committee meetings in order to decide which ones they want to join. CCH residents are always welcome to attend any committee meeting whether or not the resident is a member of that committee.

Here is how we've structured the committees. There are two committees/boards that oversee the functioning of our community. These are:

Managing Board

The Managing Board is the required legal entity for our condominium association. The board oversees our building systems, parking, legal issues, the property management company, and Phase II Development as well as having fiscal responsibility for our community. This is an elected board with term limits. Board members are elected each October for 2-4 year terms.

Community Life

The Community Life Committee oversees the community life budget, and provides support, ideas, and an overarching perspective in which to facilitate completion of committee projects. Along with the facilitation team, they also set the agenda for our monthly general meetings.

The Current Roster of Officially-Recognized Committees

  • Bike - Arranges parking spaces for bikes and procures bicycle racks
  • Children - Coordinates childcare, develops programs and guidelines, manages playroom equipment, and educates community.
  • Design Review - Establishes standards for alteration to exteriors.
  • Eco Team (Live Lightly) - Encourages and plans for green living and conservation in the community.
  • Events - To organizes social, cultural and creative events that enhance our sense of community; to lend support to members who may wish to organize events and to keep track of events so as to avoid schedule conflicts.
  • Exercise Room - Maintains the exercise room. See to care and replacement of equipment.
  • Facilitation - Trains facilitators to lead general meetings, with CLC sets meeting agenda.
  • Grounds - Plants and maintains the various garden areas and the lawns.
  • Guestrooms - manages reservations and maintenance of the guestrooms.
  • Household supplies - Bulk purchases needed household supplies for the common areas.
  • Interior Design and Art (IDA) - Maintains and purchases furnishings for the common areas. Plans and hangs the art exhibits in the common areas.
  • Laundry Room - Maintains facility and arranges for equipment repair/replacement.
  • Library - Manages books in the library and auxiliary libraries in Common House hallways.
  • Meals - Manages meal sign up, the kitchen equipment and supplies. Educates the community about proper food management and sanitation.
  • Poetry - Schedules monthly poetry readings and some prose to which the community is invited.
  • Outreach & Communication - Manages friends waitlist, tours, bulletin boards, incoming phone and email messages for CCH
  • Recreation - Sets policy for use of the room. Maintains and/or arranges for repair of equipment.
  • Snow removal - maintains snowblower and clears sidewalks in winter.
  • Trash - Develops and administers a system for putting trash on the street every Sunday afternoon and taking in barrels.
  • Video Library - Buys, catalogs, arranges for sign out of VHS tapes and DVD programs.
  • Workshop (East End basement) - Manages equipment, arrangement of room, monitors the number and size of stored projects.

Task Forces

  • Neighborhood Relations - Works to resolve issues that arise with neighbors and to plan events to promotes getting to know our neighbors.
  • Noise Abatement - This group works to develop an affordable way to soundproof the dining room.
  • Rapid Response Resale - Meets when a unit is for sale and seeks buyers during CCH's 30 days of first refusal.
  • Real Estate - Works to develop a more effective system for attracting buyers during the 30 days when CCH has the right of first refusal.
  • Mediation & Advocacy Resource Group (MARG) The Mediation & Advocacy Resource Group attempts to foster the general social health of our community by encouraging open and civil communications between parties involved and discouraging entrenched grievances. Individuals in the community consult this committee when they are unable to resolve an issue directly with a person or group involved.