Cambridge Cohousing is located in northwest Cambridge, near Porter Square. We occupy two different street addresses. The main address, which is the location of the Common House and West End buildings - and which is also our mailing address, is:

175 Richdale Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02140

The East End buildings are located at 135 Richdale - just a few hundred feet closer to Walden Street. The two parts of the property are connected in the back, but near the street there are three houses that aren't part of our property.

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Public transportation options

Cambridge Cohousing is within a ten-minute walk of the Porter Square T (subway) and Commuter Rail Station. On the map, above, the station is located where the train tracks cross Massachusetts Ave, just south of the Porter Square Shopping Center.

After you come up the escalators, go straight ahead and cross the street toward Breugger's Bagels. Proceed straight down Upland Street and make the first available right onto Richdale Ave. Follow Richdale until, shortly after crossing Walden Street, you see Cambridge Cohousing on your right. You'll first come to 135 Richdale but, unless you're visiting someone in our East End, proceed to 175 Richdale, our main entrance.