Living Lightly

Cambridge Cohousing Wins Award for Environmental Awareness

In a ceremony at Cambridge City Hall on May 31, 2000, the Cambridge Advisory Committee on Environmentally Desirable Practices commended Cambridge Cohousing "For excellence in recycling, reuse, waste reduction, and buying recycled." The committee's officials, on less that 24 hours' notice, inspected Cambridge Cohousing's facilities, including poking through compost and recycling bins. Cambridge Cohousing won the award for, among other things, our ground source heat pump, composting practices, and dedication to recycling. In turn, we thank the efforts of our Live Lightly Please committee, which promotes environmentally friendly living.

Here's a quote from the Cambridge Department of Public Works web site: "Impressive Large Residential Building- Cambridge Cohousing: If there is something that can be done to live the ideal of environmental sustainability, Cambridge Co-housing is probably doing it. Recycling, composting, using non-toxic cleaning products, designing and employing energy efficient systems, and building their very homes with recycled materials- the Cambridge Co-housing community does all of this and more. Cambridge Co-housing also shares resources, internally and with the community at large. On some days you will see people visiting the walkway at 175 Richdale to pick up their share of community supported agriculture produce, on other days you will find local groups meeting in their communal dining room or you may see a group of people touring the facility. Tours are scheduled and open to the public, I can promise that those of you who choose to visit will leave feeling nothing less than inspired. Accepting the award for Impressive Large Residential Building is Rowena Conkling, Head of the Gardening Committee at Cambridge Cohousing and Dick Tonachel, Chair of the Live Lightly Please Committee. "

The "Drive" to Reduce Emissions

To date, eight owners at Cambridge Cohousing drive Prius automobiles, and another four or five don't own cars at all, according to resident Kim Jones.

At Cambridge Cohousing, you'll often find that a neighbor is willing and able to loan their car, but in case that doesn't work out, ZipCar (a cool, internet-based service for short-term car rentals) recently placed two vehicles at the entrance of the Cambridge Cohousing garage. How convenient is that!?