Cambridge Cohousing is a community-designed and -developed housing project in Cambridge, MA. We are a group of people of diverse ages, backgrounds, abilities, professions and lifestyles. We are committed to creating a neighborly and cooperative community in which we know and care about one another. Children can play safely, surrounded by neighbors, and residents know that caring friends are close by. We are committed to the vitality, convenience and diversity that is Cambridge. To learn more about our goals, please read our vision statement.

Recently, PBS Newshour featured an 8-minute segment on cohousing called "Cohousing Communities Help Prevent Social Isolation". You can watch it HERE.

Our dream has become reality on a quiet, tree-shaded 1.5 acre site, a 10 minute walk from Porter Square. The site faces south, and is close to schools, parks, shopping and public transportation. We are organized as a condominium association, as agreed upon by our members. See the latest photos of our community...

As a community, we're very committed to "living lightly." According to one study, we're using about 25-35% less energy per household than relevant population averages. Our buildings were designed with the latest available "GreenBuilding" technology (circa 1997). We also pay a lot of attention to the three R's: reducing, reusing and recyling. In fact, we won recognition from the City of Cambridge for our efforts.

Like most (if not all) cohousing groups, we're also committed to inclusive decision-making. Our consensus-based decision process is designed to ensure that all viewpoints are heard - and all conflicts resolved, before a final decision is made.

If you'd like to get a sense of who we are as individuals, you might enjoy reading our biographies or viewing some of the photography or poetry that residents have created.

After viewing all the material on this web site, you may want to live here! If so, there are several steps you can take. If you're in the Cambridge area, schedule a tour of the property. We also recommend that you become a Friend of Cambridge Cohousing. Membership is free and has several important perks, including priority e-mail notification of unit sales and rentals.

Current Events

This note is from a french family who spent the last year at Cambridge Cohousing and—along with cohousers Dick and Anne Tonachel—cooked a delicious French meal to mark their stay in our community. Thank you Dodier family, we will miss you!

Farewell to Cohousing, 24 June 2012
When we looked at the Harvard website listing apartments in Cambridge and surrounding areas, we found apartments in private houses, in condos, and a mysterious announcement mentioning a cohousing community.

I admit that we were intrigued by this notion that we had never heard of—we even imagined cohousing as a kind of "secret society"—but at the same time we were vaguely attracted by the originality that seemed to hide behind that word.

So we decided to send a message to Eugenia and Karen. And that's how we landed here, with our seven large suitcases, on August 1st. I think in retrospect that we were very lucky the day we came across this announcement.

Cohousing has been absolutely great:
• we shared with all some wonderful moments;
• we were introduced to a collective lifestyle entirely new to us;
• here we found a community that has allowed us, outside of academic circles where we worked, to feel truly inserted for one year in “American society”.

Sibylle and Thomas also:
• it was for them a great feeling of security being here. And we were able quickly, when work required, to let them return home alone after school;
• I believe that Thomas, after this first week of vacation here in cohousing, feels at home here, especially at Dash and Magali’s, and Cooper’s homes.

We had the imprudence to propose a “French” dinner on the occasion of our departure. If we are attached to French culture, and if certain aspects of our behavior can may be judged from the outside as "very French" (about my use of the english language that's for sure!) It is not at all certain that the very local form of culinary art that we developed in our home and present here is very consistent with the canons of “cuisine française,” but thanks to Anne and Dick, who had previously introduced us to Fenway Park hot dogs—and who are wonderful cooks—we are able to offer you this dinner.

Nicolas Dodier

For a community to be whole and healthy, it must be based on people's love and concern for each other.

- Millard Fuller