Promoting Cohousing through Architecture

Several architectural features of Cambridge Cohousing promote energy efficiency and sustainabiity goals and help create a sense of community. They include:

  • Varying unit sizes and shapes to accomodate diverse needs
  • Keeping the cars hidden & creating open space
  • "The Spine" and unit orientation toward spine when possible
  • accessibility - stair chairs; elevator; ground-level entry
  • Common mailroom forces interaction
  • Extensive common facilities
  • Laundry rooms
  • "Nodes" including garden, shade garden
  • Serendipitous use of "found" granite blocks

Varying unit sizes

There are 41 units in the Cambridge Cohousing complex. Included are twenty-nine flats ranging in size from studio apartments to 1600 plus square foot four-bedroom units, nine four-bedroom townhouses and three three-bedroom townhouses. As CCH began an effort was made to include as much diversity as possible along with a balance of single people, families with young children and groups of two or more individuals with various types of living arrangements. In addition we included two affordable housing units and one supported independent living unit.