Our Vision for Cambridge Cohousing

The purpose of the Cambridge Cohousing (CCH) group is to create an urban residential community in which the architectural and social organization is designed to inspire and enhance the daily lives of its inhabitants. We are committed to Cambridge as a city — its vitality, variety, history, convenience, and diverse populations. Our goal is to create a mixed-income community where children, adults and elders of varying race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, and ability, can thrive. We hope to create an environment that embodies principles of quality, simplicity, and beauty. We want our site to be large enough to include common gardens, outdoor children’s play and general recreation spaces, as well as some private gardens that are part of the individual homes. We plan to locate our community within walking distance to public transportation. In design, construction, and development of our site we are committed to environmentally sustainable practices. We will emphasize conservation, recycling, non-polluting energy sources, and other environmentally sound practices.

We share a commitment to the idea that cooperating in the endeavors of daily life brings the pleasures of sociability, greater economy of resources and effort in daily tasks, the warmth of an extended family and the probability of a rich variety of friendships. In our interactions, we seek a balance between privacy in our own homes and our wish to be with others, living independently as well as interdependently. We want to share and interact with each other through social activities, celebrations and practical tasks, such as cooking, dining, child care, maintenance and through other shared work and problem solving. Honoring our varied experiences, we intend to follow a consensus-based process respectful of all points of view. We believe that through living together and especially in working through our differences, we become stronger, more peaceful contributing members within the larger, global community.

Vision Statement Addendum 2003

We've come a long way toward making our vision a reality. We live in the homes we built and now we wish to focus our attention on our community. We would like to deepen our connections to our larger community, both our nearest neighbors and the international cohousing movement. We wish to be always mindful to follow a consensus process in working through our differences, honoring all points of view and focusing on the good of the community. We will seek out ways to better achieve our vision of a mixed income community. We welcome new members and help them to feel at home as quickly as possible. We will find ways to involve children in our community not only as members of their families but as individual members of the community as well.